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May 8 10:03AM Backing up Using ZFS Snapshots and Replication
How we have rolled up a fast, modern and efficient backup system that is easy-to-manage and low maintenance...
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Mar 30 9:30AM Getting Started with Django
Where to go to start with Django; useful tips; pros and cons; online references, and more...
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Mar 22 11:50AM 5 Tips for a Successful Plone 5 Upgrade
Everything you need to know to avoid falling into Plone 5 migration traps...
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Feb 22 6:01PM Automating Mundane Tasks with Boto3
Boto3 is a complete open source library for talking to the AWS API. It can be used for automating mundane tasks like cleaning up unused AWS resources...
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Feb 1 5:10PM High Availability and Horizontal Scaling with Celery
Long running tasks can be put on a Celery job queue to help decouple and run asynchronous work loads, and therefore strengthen the main program...
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Jan 24 3:09PM Hidden Features via AWS CLI
The Amazon Web Service Command Line Interface expands the options for a user interacting with the AWS...
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Nov 17 8:00AM Plone Hotfix 20161129 Highly Recommended
The Plone Security Team has just released a hotfix for Plone that addresses several vulnerabilities. Here is the information the Six Feet Up team has gathered about it. We highly recommend all Plone site managers apply the patch to their sites.
Oct 11 3:50PM Join Six Feet Up at the 2016 Plone Conference
Six Feet Up will be attending and presenting at the 2016 Plone Conference in Boston, MA, from October 17 - 23...
Oct 5 10:55AM Six Feet Up Sponsors Day of Innovation
Six Feet Up is pleased to support the Day of Innovation event that connects practitioners and leaders from all backgrounds...
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Aug 8 The Speak Easy, Indianapolis
IndyPy Meetup - August
Indy's monthly meetup for Python enthusiasts.
Aug 13 Spokane, Washington
DjangoCon US 2017
Six Feet Up will attend DjangoCon US 2017...
Aug 15 The District Tap
IndyAWS August Meetup
This month, Gwen Faraday will present on Serverless Cloud with AWS Lambda...
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