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Global Leaders Trust Six Feet Up

Accelerate Ahead

App Development

  • CMS & Intranets
  • Front-end Applications
  • Backend Applications
  • Progressive Web Apps
Build Faster

Innovate with AI

  • Prototyping
  • Business Automation
  • Robotic Automation
  • Modeling/Forecasting

Big Data

  • Prototyping
  • CI/CD Deployment
  • Observability
  • Pipeline Optimization
Simplify Big Data

Over 20 Years of Experience


March 27, 2023
The Care and Feeding of Frontend Design Systems >

Some thoughts on the minimum elements needed for a successful frontend design system to thrive in any organization. Read More >

March 12, 2023
Help! I'm falling in love with Kubernetes! (Part 1) >

The first in a series of blogs focusing on how Kubernetes can improve the developer experience. Read More >

February 21, 2023
Building an Azure DevOps Pipeline for Django >

Learn how to create a CI pipeline for a Python/Django-based web application using Azure DevOps. Read More >

Why Our Clients Pick Us


  • Python
  • React
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • AWS/Azure/GCP



  • Human centered
  • Data driven
  • Team oriented
  • Proactive always
  • Can-do by design

How to work with Us.


Project 5™

Are we the right fit for you?

We have an initial conversation to go over the five key elements of your project and assess if we are the right partner.


Research & Strategic Insights

How will you reach your goals?

We leverage our decades of expertise to provide forward-thinking technical strategy and practical feasibility studies.


Technical Planning

What will your S.O.W. and budget be?

We complete a technical investigation that leads to a Complexity Scorecard™ with detailed estimates.


Collaborative Development

How will you know your project is on track?

Our expert engineers use best practices, frequent deployments, and weekly Pulse Reports™ to keep you in the know.


Deployment Automation

How will you ace all deployments?

We increase release velocity and reliability through test-driven deployment and automation.


Proactive Support

How will you sleep at night?

We offer flexible support options that include ongoing as well as emergency assistance.

Ready for a conversation?

Let's Talk

Who We Are

Python + Cloud for Good

Six Feet Up makes the world a better place by accelerating tech leaders’ impact. As a Python and cloud expert consulting company, we help clients make informed decisions, access accurate data faster, and scale up operations. Our engineers specialize in application development, AI, big data and cloud technology.

We care deeply about other human beings and the Earth we live on. Our impactful clients focus on climate action, clean energy and initiatives that benefit humankind. In fact, our goal is to complete 10 IMPACTFUL Projects — defined as projects that are impressive, purposeful and transformative — by 2025.

Six Feet Up is a woman-owned company powered by the EOS Process™. We are home to an AWS Hero, and we organize industry-leading events including the Python Web Conference and IndyPy. Organizations like Capital One, NASA, Purdue University and UNEP have sought out our passion for reliable software solutions since 1999.