Technology drives modern business. We bring our 20+ years of experience in technology and software development to help you reach your objectives.

Strategic Insights

  • Technology Acquisition Evaluation
  • Technological Representation
  • Acquisition vs. In-House Assessment
  • Vision Builder™ Workshops


  • Feasibility Study
  • Review of Tools and Technologies
  • Proof of Concept / Prototype Development

SDLC Improvement

  • Evaluate your development practices using a BEST™ Assessment
  • Review cross-team performance across 90 data points
  • Prioritize improvements
  • Measure progress

Technical Planning

  • Clarify Vision, Constraints and Priorities
  • Recommend a Technical Approach
  • Collect and Document Specifications
  • Develop Work Break-Down Structure
  • Develop Complexity Scorecards™
  • Develop Resource Plans
  • Develop Delivery Roadmaps