At Six Feet Up, we understand the complexities and challenges of starting a new project. That’s why we created Scaf™ — a framework to kick-start your development journey.

Constantly evolving with user feedback and ongoing enhancements, Scaf is packed with best practices refined through years of experience by our expert developers.

Scaf isn’t just another code generator. It’s a work-in-progress blueprint for your project’s infrastructure that brings together industry standards and the best of technology to save you time and reduce cognitive load.



Complete Beta-Stage Project Blueprint

From web servers to databases, Scaf sets up all necessary infrastructure, including Django, Kubernetes, and pipelines.

Streamlined Development Experience

Integrated with Tilt, Scaf ensures a seamless development process.

Efficient Deployment

Scaf’s role in deployment is pivotal, offering premade frameworks for rapid and reliable project development.


Robust Project Structure

  • Generate a new project with an organized structure, including Kubernetes manifests in three Kustomize layers: dev, sandbox, and production.

Full-Stack Components

  • React frontend for dynamic user interfaces.
  • Django backend for powerful server-side functionality.
  • Local Postgres database and CloudNativePG for production-level deployments.
  • Redis and Mailhog for enhanced performance and email testing.

Advanced Deployment Tools

  • ArgoCD and Traefik for continuous deployment.
  • Certmanager with certificates and Ingress Routes for secure connections.
  • Kube Prometheus Stack and Grafana Loki for monitoring and logging.

Integrated CI/CD Pipelines

  • Configurations for GitHub and Bitbucket to build, push images, and run checks.
  • Terraform config to effortlessly set up a Talos cluster on AWS.


  • Talos Linux is a highly secure, immutable and minimal Linux distribution design for Kubernetes.
  • All secrets are encrypted with the Kubernetes Sealed Secrets operator and read from a 1Password vault.

Scaf is a beta-stage tool that helps you bootstrap new projects with best practices already in place, enabling deployment across various environments at the project's onset — rather than its completion. Using Scaf streamlines the development process, reduces workload, and allows you to focus on bringing innovative solutions to life.


Are you a developer?

Get started with Scaf™, and explore the complete Scaf repo on GitHub. We stand ready to assist you should you need additional features or some adaptations.

Are you a tech leader?

Explore Six Feet Up projects, many of which used Scaf™ to get a head start, saving our clients both time and money.