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Gestalt IT Tech Talk: Six Feet Up CTO Touts Portworx

Gestalt IT Tech Talk: Six Feet Up CTO Touts Portworx

We are moving from the decade of cloud into the decade of Kubernetes. That was the sentiment from Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, in a recent Gestalt IT Tech Talk that delved into some new products from Portworx, a Kubernetes storage platform by Pure Storage.

In his article, “Key Kubernetes Tools Enabling from Local Development to the Edge,” Calvin discusses some new Portworx product announcements from Kubecon Europe 2022.

“Whether you’re an organization looking to get more utilization from your existing datacenter resources or an edge provider looking to provide cloud native tools in far-flung places and deploy apps across multiple public clouds, these new tools make Kubernetes more approachable by developers and operators alike,” Calvin writes.

In particular, Calvin focuses on:

  • the latest release of Portworx Enterprise including the new Object Store Service and two performance boosting features,
  • Backup-as-a-service, which allows for backup and restore functionality for Kubernetes across any cloud; and
  • Portworx Data Services Database-as-a-Service, which makes it possible to deploy the same data services (such as Postgres) into any cloud with just one tool.

In addition, Calvin interviews Venkat Ramakrishnan, VP of Engineering and Products at Pure Storage, about these features and some real-world uses cases.

Read the full article on the Gestalt IT website, and read about Six Feet Up’s cloud expertise here: https://sixfeetup.com/blog/cloud.

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