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CTO Advisor: Calvin talks PWC, virtual events

CTO Advisor: Calvin talks PWC, virtual events

In a recent episode of The CTO Advisor Podcast, Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, chatted with host Keith Townsend about the upcoming 5th annual Python Web Conference and the virtual platform that it’s hosted on.

The Python Web Conference is a virtual event that has been held as a way for the international Python community to gather and learn since 2019. Since 2020, it has been run using Loudswarm, an event platform built by Six Feet Up specifically to hold the event.

After holding the inaugural conference using Zoom channels and Slack, Hendryx-Parker said no platform on the market had what Python Web Conference organizers were looking for — so they built their own.

“I really wanted attendees to connect with one another, connect with the speakers, and a lot of the platforms just don’t facilitate that in a fluid form,” Hendryx-Parker said.

In the episode, Hendryx-Parker and Townsend also discussed:

  • how Loudswarm doubles as an effective training tool for onboarding Six Feet Up developers,
  • the focus on developer experience at Six Feet Up including shifting toward Kubernetes tooling,
  • the upcoming Python Web Conference featuring impactful talks from the climate tech sector such as this talk on the role of Python in fusion technology; and
  • the origins of Hendryx-Parker’s game cabinet.

Watch the episode:

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