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Python Bytes: CTO Talks Packages, PWC2023

Python Bytes: CTO Talks Packages, PWC2023

Python packages and a quick preview of the 2023 Python Web Conference were featured when Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, once again joined Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken on the Python Bytes Podcast, Episode #322: Python Packages, Let Me Count The Ways.

Among other things in the episode, Calvin and the show’s hosts discussed:

  • what attendees can expect at the 5th annual Python Web Conference, scheduled for March 13-18,
  • documentation and philosophies present in the Python Packaging User Guide,
  • a site listing the 5,000 most downloaded PyPI packages each month,
  • performance improvements in MyPy 1.0, the latest release of the static type checker for Python; and
  • SQLAlchemy 2.0.0, the Swiss army knife of database tools that includes a number of performance enhancements.

The author of SQLAlchemy, Mike Bayer, is returning as a speaker to this year’s Python Web Conference. To learn about his talk and other speakers at this year’s event — including Python Bytes co-host Michael Kennedy — visit the Python Web Conference website.

Watch the episode:

The Python Bytes Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken highlighting developer news and headlines. Read the official show notes on the Python Bytes website.

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