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On-Premise: How IT Companies Don’t Get Devs

On-Premise: How IT Companies Don’t Get Devs

In a recent episode of the Gestalt IT On-Premise IT Roundtable Podcast, “IT Infrastructure Companies Don’t Understand Developers,” Calvin Hendryx-Parker (Six Feet Up’s CTO and AWS Community Hero) joins moderator Stephen Foskett (Publisher for Gestalt IT) as well as panelists Joep Piscaer (independent tech industry analyst), and Nathan Bennett (Cloud Architect for Sterling Computers) to discuss the thinking behind enterprise IT companies marketing products and why they have an uphill climb selling to developers.

The panelists noted that part of the issue may be the distinction between developer and operations roles, and how products marketed for developers are really more geared toward operations.

"There isn’t necessarily a market to sell tools to devs. Most of the tools they use are probably open source, free, or inexpensive,” Calvin said. "Most developers, if you’re serious about your craft, you know what you’re doing. You’ve got your machine tricked out … I don’t know where these enterprise vendors are going to sell these high-ticket/high-dollar tools to developers, specifically.”

In the podcast, the panel also discussed:

  • what has defined the developer role over time,
  • products being marketed for developers and how successful they are at doing so; and
  • products or services that could successfully be marketed for developers.

Watch the Roundtable:

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