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IndyPy May 2023: Integrating AI into Your Code

May 29, 2023

Brian Ritz, the Director of Data Science Solutions at SPINS, shared his insights on code writing and software development in light of recent innovations at the May 2023 edition of IndyPy. Brian discussed how AI, particularly OpenAI's GPT family of Large Language Models, has pushed the boundaries of artificial intelligence and generated excitement in the industry. The presentation aimed to explore the specific problems that AI simplifies and the tools available for incorporating a natural language interface into programming.

One highlight of Brian's talk was his ghostfunction lib, which allows code to be executed based solely on docstrings, without the need for explicit implementation. You can check out the module on GitHub at

If you missed Brian's presentation, don't worry! You can watch the recording and share your tips with @IndyPy on Twitter. Find a complete list of Brian’s IndyPy resources and examples on his GitHub page at

Watch the Presentation:

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Join us on Slack to stay connected with the IndyPy community, and continue to explore the possibilities of Python and AI with us. Check out Six Feet Up’s YouTube channel for more Python and past IndyPy ProTalk videos.

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