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Six Feet Up CTO Partakes in Cloud Field Day 15

Six Feet Up CTO Partakes in Cloud Field Day 15

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Hero, was selected to participate as a Field Day Delegate during Cloud Field Day 15. Organized by Gestalt IT, the event was a multi-day discussion with leaders and product managers from a range of enterprise IT companies.

Calvin and the other delegates, chosen for their industry expertise and technical knowledge, questioned representatives from Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Commvault, and StormForge, among other organizations. Watch all Cloud Field Day 15 presentations on YouTube.

Calvin shared his expertise related to the developer experience, Kubernetes and cloud technologies in a range of talks and demos over the course of the three-day event.

Here are a few highlights:

The debate: What is the best cloud?

Cloud Field Day delegates from around the world compared major cloud providers. Calvin argued that AWS’ consistent innovation and global launch schedule are part of what puts it a step above other cloud providers.

“They are all in on making the cloud a better place. Everyone else is playing catch up to them,” Calvin said. “I feel like they try to consistently launch the same offerings globally wherever possible. I feel like the other cloud providers are the other way around — you have to choose specific regions if you want certain capabilities.”

The field day delegates discussed:

  • differing philosophies among cloud providers when it comes to release schedules,
  • how different cloud providers market themselves; and
  • geographic availability of different cloud providers.

You can watch the debate here:

A bi-dimensional approach to Kubernetes autoscaling with StormForge

Brian Likosar, Director of Global Solutions Architecture at StormForge, explained how StormForge enables bi-dimensional pod autoscaling to address a limitation to Kubernetes autoscaling — only being able to scale horizontally or vertically.

Part of the solution is StormForge Optimize Live, which applies machine learning to your existing observability metrics to make real-time, actionable recommendations to resource settings for any deployment running in Kubernetes.

“The complexity of running the application has shifted left. The developers never realized how many resources they really needed, they just want to write the code that solves the problem,” Calvin said of the Optimize Live solution. “I think you’ve hit a sweet spot here by enabling the operations folks who have a chance of getting it right on the developers’ behalf, and I applaud you for that.”

Check out the full presentation here:

NetDevOps in action with Prosimo

Prosimo, a multi-cloud networking framework, works to simplify the complexity of multi-cloud networks, which can involve a multitude of tools, attributes, and security concerns tied to each cloud in the network.

Erick Moore, Prosimo’s Principal Solutions Architect, shared how the platform, in combination with GitHub, GitHub Actions, and Terraform, can be used to automate multi-cloud networking and zero trust network access (ZTNA) using a NetDevOps model.

“A lot of the magic sauce is getting it to work across all these pipelines. They all have their own idiosyncrasies and they have their own bugs in their individual tooling,” Calvin notes.

Check out the full presentation here:

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