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Six Feet Up Partners with Astronomer

November 15, 2022

Six Feet Up and Astronomer, the driving force behind Apache Airflow, are thrilled to announce a new partnership. Designed to emphasize the companies’ shared values and advance the use of Airflow for managing workflows and enhancing enterprise software, the partnership between Six Feet Up and Astronomer will help improve the developer experience and optimize results for clients.

As Python experts, Six Feet Up’s engineers were early adopters of Airflow — a platform created by the community to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows using Python.

“We’ve used Airflow to build solutions for a variety of clients, but what really gets me excited is the alignment of our companies’ values,” said Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero Calvin Hendryx-Parker. “Astronomer has the same wishes, goals and dreams for their customers that we at Six Feet Up have. Hopefully, we can change the world of enterprise software together.”

Six Feet Up has used Airflow as a workflow controller for ETL pipelines loading big data, as a scheduler for a manufacturing process, and as a batch process coordinator.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Calvin. “I love the versatility that Airflow offers. It doesn’t limit the scope of your pipelines. Plus, it can be used to build ML models, transfer data, manage infrastructures, and more.”

Today, Airflow is downloaded more than 12 million times each month and is used by hundreds of thousands of teams around the world.

Six Feet Up was one of the first organizations to be named an Astronomer partner. This partnership creates a collaborative environment where Six Feet Up provides feedback and knowledge to Astronomer developers in complex AI, ML, and big data use cases. Simultaneously, it better enables Six Feet Up to provide its clients innovative solutions and high quality, efficient implementations.

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