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On-Premise: CTO Talks Pipeline Collaboration

On-Premise: CTO Talks Pipeline Collaboration

In a recent episode of the Gestalt IT On-Premise IT Roundtable Podcast, “It’s Too Hard to Collaborate in Automation,” Calvin Hendryx-Parker (Six Feet Up’s CTO and AWS Community Hero) joins moderator Stephen Foskett (Publisher for Gestalt IT) as well as panelists Keith Townsend (co-founder of The CTO Advisor) and Rob Hirschfeld (founder and CEO of RackN) to discuss how development teams can better collaborate and how RackN’s solution can help break down intra-team barriers.

The panelists noted that because different teams could be working on a CI pipeline using different development tools, teams end up duplicating effort by rewriting automation fixes or enhancements using their preferred tooling.

“If you’ve ever configured a CI pipeline these days, you know there’s a disjoint between the APIs and services you want to talk to,” Hendryx-Parker said. “If you’re a developer that wants to get code deployed to fix a problem, depending on what developer deployed that CI pipeline or what day of the week it is, you’re going to get different results each time.”

To help alleviate this issue, Hirschfeld said RackN solutions are designed to integrate with any variety of pipeline tools to build automation workflows that are universally usable across teams. This allows any fixes or enhancements to a pipeline through one part of the infrastructure to be deployed across teams and infrastructure types.

Among other things, the panel also discussed:

  • how organizational structure and change can affect what tools teams use,
  • the pros and cons of getting everyone in an organization to use one tool as opposed to a variety of tools; and
  • use cases for RackN and how it integrates with various tools.

Watch the Roundtable:

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