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Empowering Leaders to Optimize Team Velocity

February 1, 2024

Tech leaders struggle with the ongoing challenge of enhancing team efficiency and productivity. At a recent IT Leaders Indianapolis event, Calvin Hendryx-Parker, the CTO of Six Feet Up and an AWS Hero, tackled this issue head-on.

In his presentation, "Decoding Development: Empowering Leaders to Optimize Team Velocity," Calvin offered practical, actionable strategies to revamp development teams including:

Watch Calvin’s Talk:

Motivated by Calvin's insights? Whether you're leading a single dev team or multiple dev teams, start by evaluating your existing practices and fostering open communication to identify areas of improvement.

The BEST™ Framework: A Roadmap to Success

The Best Enterprise Software Techniques (BEST™) Framework, developed by Six Feet Up, serves as an extensive toolkit for tech leaders. It's designed to refine development practices across four critical stages and 19 units, paving the way for enhanced team velocity and streamlined SDLC processes.

Explore how the BEST™ Framework can lead to substantial improvements in your team's performance and delivery speed.

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