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<< All News80 Talks and Tutorials from 2023 Python Web Conference Released

80 Talks and Tutorials from 2023 Python Web Conference Released

July 18, 2023

Six Feet Up's 5th annual Python Web Conference may be over, but the amazing content — including 80 videos including talks, tutorials, and socials — are now available on Six Feet Up's YouTube channel. Explore videos about Python, Django, Kubernetes, AI/ML, Big Data, CI/CD, Serverless, Security, Climate Tech, and more. Learn a new tool. Inspire others to use technology for good.

Can’t decide want to watch? Skim our daily recaps with key points from every talk and tutorial:

2023 Python Web Conference By the Numbers

This year’s conference attracted 315 attendees from over 30 countries across 15 timezones — from Australia to Canada. Even though we are thousands of miles apart, we came together to share our knowledge, celebrate our diversity, and have fun! Mission accomplished! 🚀

We were thrilled to see amazing attendee engagement, consistent viewership across all five days, and resounding support for the conference’s focus on using technology for good.

In this deck, you can find event stats including attendee data (18% of this year’s attendees were decision makers), the top 20 talks, Google/Slack/Twitter analytics and testimonials.

Watch the Top 10 Talks from 2023:

For more information about the 2023 conference, visit:

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