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Building AI Apps: Insights from Good Tech Fest

Building AI Apps: Insights from Good Tech Fest

At Good Tech Fest 2024, Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and co-founder, led a workshop, “Innovate with AI: Build ChatGPT-like Apps,” about building AI-driven applications. The presentation focused on practical deployment and problem-solving.

Enhance Conferences with AI

Calvin’s talk demonstrated how AI can improve search functionalities and networking at events like Good Tech Fest. His live demo showed attendees how to set up AI models, manage data inputs, and optimize queries to enhance performance. He also addressed real-world data challenges, including how to extract insights from unstructured data and pull content from text embedded within images.

In addition to improving search functionalities that made it easier to navigate sessions and find relevant speakers, a standout feature of the AI chatbot was its ability to facilitate networking. Using data scraped from the Good Tech Fest website, the chatbot helped Calvin discover other participants with similar or complementary interests, effectively suggesting potential professional connections. These features not only made the conference more interactive, but it also improved the accessibility of conference information for attendees.
Watch the full presentation, and download the code to spin up your own AI chatbot using this GitHub repository.

Takeaways for Tech Leaders

Insights from Calvin’s Good Tech Fest presentation highlight the broad capabilities of AI, using conference enhancement as a prime example. The processes demonstrated can be adapted to improve operational efficiency and user experiences across various industries.

Demystify AI Through Practical Implementation

  • The workshop highlighted real-world applications of AI, breaking down the complexities behind building GPT-like applications. Attendees received access to working code, making the AI mechanisms accessible and understandable. This emphasis on transparency in AI development helps ensure teams understand both the potential and limitations of these technologies.

Manage Data Strategically

  • Effective data management was a central theme. Calvin emphasized the critical role of organizing and preparing data to maximize AI performance. For tech leaders, this stresses the necessity of robust data governance frameworks to enhance AI outcomes in their projects.

Optimize AI for Cost Effectiveness

  • Operational costs associated with AI, such as expenses tied to API calls and data processing, were also discussed. Understanding how to optimize AI implementation cost-effectively is crucial for tech executives, ensuring budgetary compliance and maximizing ROI.

Facilitate Interactive Learning and Collaboration

  • The workshop's interactive nature, featuring real-time coding and problem-solving, highlighted the benefits of collaborative learning environments. Such settings foster innovation and can lead to the rapid iteration and improvement of AI solutions.

As AI technology continues to evolve, it is crucial for tech leaders to remain at the forefront of these advancements. Staying informed and ready to integrate new AI tools into strategic operations will ensure that organizations not only keep pace with technological progress but also leverage these innovations to achieve competitive advantages.

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