Setup for 3-6 Players

Each player gets three “200 OK” and one “500 error” cards.

Download the game here. (Printing and light assembly required)

Rules of Play

  1. Everyone plays one card face-down, showing the python side.
  2. Starting with the first player, each player plays another card face-down or makes a challenge to uncover a number of cards without revealing a “500 error” card.
  3. Once a challenge is made, each player in turn may either raise the challenge or pass.
  4. Once all players pass, the highest challenger must then turn over all of their cards, then turn over the top card of any stack they choose one at a time until the challenge is met or they uncover a “500 error”.
  5. If they only turn over “200 OK” cards, they win a point. if they reveal a “500 error”, they lose the round and remove a random card from their hand. If it’s a player’s turn and they are out of cards, they must make a challenge.
  6. Play continues with the challenger of the last round going first.
  7. Two successful challenges wins the game.

For more tips and to manage edge cases, check out the Skull and Roses official rules.

If you like the game, consider buying the original card game.

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