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Prep Dance

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Do you need a scalable, globally accessible, and user-friendly mobile application? Six Feet Up worked with Prep Dance to create a platform that could facilitate high-quality, real-time video dance lessons globally, while also addressing the complexities of international payments and regulatory compliance, particularly in the Chinese market. Rapid market entry, cost-effectiveness, and quality were the key measures of success.

“I needed an MVP [Minimum Viable Product],” Craig Shaw, Founder and CEO of Prep Dance, said. “My goal was to get something to market quickly, at a good price, and of great quality."

Implementation Details

Prep Dance was conceptualized to fill a gap in the market for Ballroom and Latin dancers worldwide, providing an opportunity for students to take lessons with any teacher globally. The app needed to offer hassle-free payments, online booking, and live one-on-one HD video lessons.

The solution hinged on several strategic decisions:

  • Backend Development: Django was chosen for its robustness and efficiency, laying a solid foundation for the app's backend and facilitating seamless data management and API integration.
  • Video Streaming: The team opted to use Jitsi for video streaming, a cost-effective solution that aligned with the project's budget constraints. The newest version of the Jitsi SDK (software development kit) suffered from poor performance. High-quality, smooth video and audio were crucial for the success of the app, especially for dance lessons where precision and timing are essential. By downgrading to version 7, Six Feet Up delivered a more stable and smooth video experience.
  • App Compliance: The default settings of the Jitsi SDK included CallKit integration which shows video calls in your phone history. When this is enabled, you are not allowed to publish apps in the Chinese market. Navigating these legal complexities required careful attention and multiple communications with Apple.
  • Frontend and Mobile App Creation: Ionic, combined with React, was utilized to build the user interface, providing a platform that was mobile-ready and equipped with pre-made components mimicking native iOS and Android apps. This choice allowed rapid development and ensured a consistent user experience across different devices.
  • Cross-Platform Deployment: Capacitor was used to create native apps for both iOS and Android from a single codebase, streamlining the deployment process and reducing development time.
  • Payment Integration: Stripe was integrated to manage payments, offering a secure and versatile payment solution. The initial idea of having “credits” students could buy and redeem for classes didn’t work out due to complexities with global transactions and currency exchange rates. The team restructured the payment approach to create a hold on student payments, charging only after lessons occurred, thus avoiding the pitfalls of the initial credits system. This approach for payment processing significantly reduced transaction fees and facilitated easier currency conversion, enhancing user satisfaction and improving the company's bottom line.

“Six Feet Up strategically selected technologies to future-proof the app,” said Shaw, emphasizing the partnership's focus on adaptability and long-term value.


The collaborative effort led to the successful launch of Prep Dance, a mobile app that redefines the way international Ballroom and Latin dance lessons can be delivered and experienced globally.

Key achievements include:

  • Global Reach: The app enables students worldwide to connect with top international teachers, breaking geographical barriers and opening up new opportunities for learning.
  • Integrated Experience: Prep Dance offers a seamless experience, integrating hassle-free payments, easy online booking, and real-time HD video lessons into one platform, all while maintaining user privacy and complying with international standards.
  • User Satisfaction: Feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, with particular praise for the app's ease of use, the quality of the video lessons, and the convenience of the integrated payment system.

The success of Prep Dance underscores Six Feet Up’s ability to address complex market challenges through innovative solutions and collaborative engagement. This project not only demonstrates Six Feet Up's expertise in mobile app development but also the company's commitment to aligning with its clients' visions, ensuring their strategic objectives are met with quality and precision.

Shaw summarizes his experience: "Six Feet Up is a very professional outfit. The engineers are highly experienced, friendly, focused, and on point.” Read more about our App Dev projects.


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