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5 Reasons to Syndicate Content Across Your Websites

March 31, 2014

What is content syndication?

Content syndication is reusing existing web content across a network of sites by connecting them through a syndication platform. This streamlines content distribution and can provide more control while avoiding issues caused by manually copying and pasting content.

What's a network of sites?

A network of sites can include:

5 reasons to syndicate:

Augment local marketing efforts

With syndication, you can leverage global content on local sites, such as sharing information from a medical symptoms library on the sites of physician groups. This is useful for any organization with regional sites that need to blend global and local content.

Cross-promote sites

Syndication allows you to easily cross-link content from other sites that is relevant to your target audience.  This can be used to share multi-disciplinary news across college sites or help prospective students find out about a related field of study on a different college site.

Ensure Compliance

Every site has a set of privacy policies, End User License Agreements and other legal disclosures. These can be kept in sync by creating them once and pushing them to every site. No more worrying about tracking every copy.

Achieve more with Automation

How much time does your team waste by copying and pasting content, then manually updating each copy? Do you have to publish time sensitive content like promotions across multiple internal and external partner sites? Syndication allows your team to centrally manage time sensitive and tedious tasks with "one and done" simplicity.

Maintain brand consistency

Through centralized web asset management you can easily update logos, company descriptions, and other snippets of common info about the brand. If a product tagline or price changes, it can be instantly updated across every site.

BONUS with PushHub

PushHub is Six Feet Up's enterprise content syndication solution, built to manage and share content across anywhere from two to hundreds of websites. PushHub includes a federated search platform to keep track of all the content shared with it. This can allow your team and visitors to easily find content across your network of sites.

In summary, content syndication maximizes the value of your content, provides a simple way to maintain consistency, and saves time. How can your organization benefit from syndication?

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