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College of Engineering at Notre Dame Strengthens Content Syndication

College of Engineering at Notre Dame Strengthens Content Syndication

Six Feet Up is pleased to announce another round of content management enhancements have been added to the site run by the College of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame.

This new release builds up on the setup of a robust and sophisticated multi-site management system powered by Plone. The changes bring several improvements in performance, usability and collaboration.

Among other changes, caching has been adjusted to improve response time. Safeguards have also been put in place to prevent uploads of files unfit for the web. In the same vein, the system now forbids content to be syndicated to the section where it already lives, and requires a target site to be specified when initiating a syndication request.

In parallel, new content syndication features strive to foster collaboration between College sites. For instance, the system now sends notifications emails to specific groups of reviewers whenever a syndication request is made, as well as when it is either approved or rejected. These groups of reviewers are managed by the University itself.

The College of Engineering's website has been one of Six Feet Up's flagship multi-site deployments since 2012. It is a great example of the shift that is happening in large organizations managing a large number of stand-alone web assets.

Read the full Notre Dame College of Engineering case study.

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