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Secure CMS Implementation with Plone

ReTrans, a Kuehne + Nagel Company

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ReTrans, a Kuehne + Nagel Company, is a company that offers logistics management and shipping services for large corporations. When ReTrans contacted Six Feet Up, they were still using static HTML to manage their main corporate website.

ReTrans' goal was to relaunch their existing public facing site using an open source content management system. The company had standardized on Python internally and therefore made the change to go to Plone. They tapped Six Feet Up for help with that project.

Implementation Details

HTML to Plone


ReTrans wanted to merge their public facing site into Plone, which is where the company intranet runs, to make page and content change management easier. They decided to consolidate on Plone 'for more functionality related to customer and internal applications.'

The existing site was static html. All pages and content were recreated in Plone and the existing static theme was quickly converted for Plone with Diazo. Diazo is a tool that makes it very easy to turn any static theme into a dynamic Plone theme.

After ReTrans’ existing static website theme was converted into a Diazo theme for Plone, Responsive templates were added to the theme. The site was optimized with different views for the desktop, tablet, and mobile. Now when a customer views the site on mobile they are presented with four large buttons, a condensed menu, and easy to read pages.

ReTrans Responsive Page

The homepage displays a dynamic slideshow, which utilizes collective.easyslideshow, an open source product developed by Six Feet Up. EasySlideshow allows users to upload photos to a regular folder in Plone and change the folder display to a slideshow view.


ReTrans needed a simple contact form with a few options that would be sent to an email address. This was easily created with the PloneFormGen add-on to Plone, which allows the company to modify the form through-the-web within their own site.


With a three week turn-around, the new site was successfully released to the ReTrans production servers, with mentoring from Chief Technology Officer Calvin Hendryx-Parker.

ReTrans team members who weren’t involved in the project didn't even notice that the website had moved to Plone. This is a testament to the quality of work provided by the Six Feet Up Team.

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