John Burroughs School is a coeducational college preparatory school for grades 7-12, located in St Louis, Mo. The John Burroughs school site is a wonderful example of a highly customized Plone site where form meets function. J. Burroughs contacted TOKY Branding + Design and Six Feet Up to help design and develop a beautiful content-managed website, as well as integrate specialized features.

Implementation Details

J. Burroughs is a large private school with a very active student community. The school needed a way to keep track of events for all grade levels and activities. The school events calendar uses a specially customized version of Plone4Artisits Calendar. Visitors to the calendar can choose different calendars to view, based on the type of activities they want to see. They can also search, export events, and view in several different layouts. The entire calendar user interface was customized to match the over all design of the site. The Athletics portion of the site is fully integrated with, and puts these events on the J. Burroughs calendar.

The News and Events section of the site features a section called Campus Candids. Campus Candids is a series of photo galleries that document life on the J. Burroughs campus. The photo gallery documents life at J. Burroughs as it happens.

The site also has a Facutly and Staff Directory, implemented using the faculty/staff directory product. New students and parents can get to know the faculty and staff by viewing their profiles online.

It was important for J. Burroughs to have a site design that did not look like a default Plone 3 site. The design features many, highly customized templates in order to achieve the look and feel that J. Burroughs wanted.

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