Areas of Expertise

  • Data Visualization
  • Cloud Orchestration
  • Performance Optimization


  • Technology

Technology Used


As a brand-new start-up focused on talent-optimization, needed a technical partner to architect, develop, deploy and maintain its core web app.'s application needed to allow end-users to create personal and secure accounts and then report their scores for a variety of personal assessments, such as the DISC, Kolbe, Predictive Index, 16personalities etc. It was of paramount importance that the user experience be smooth and fast.

Organizations given access to end-users' scores needed a way to easily see both the collective and aggregate data using on-the-fly charts.

Considering's high growth plans, the app also had to be scalable to adapt to sudden spikes in traffic when new clients are on-boarded, and be responsive to large numbers of concurrent users.

Implementation Details

Six Feet Up worked with over several months to develop the app concept that was finally launched. The team built user journeys for each of the main personas and prototyped the user flow using interactive mockups.

Once the overall picture was established, Six Feet Up architected and developed the web app using Django and React. The app allows end-users to create free personal accounts and report the scores they have obtained with a variety of personality assessments. Initially, the app supports common tools, such as Pairin, Kolbe A, DISC, Predictive Index, 16personalities and Enneagram. The app also prompts end-users to think about how they'd like to spend their time and list their top accomplishments. Each item is shown in its own card and uses different charts and graphic elements to illustrate the results.

Users also have an option to create a corporate account and invite other users to connect with groups inside their organization(s). This allows users with a specific role in the organization's group(s) to see both collective and aggregate data from the population that has connected with the corporate account. The collective view lists all users' scores for each assessment whereas the aggregate view provides a broken-down view of the results. The app is leveraging the Google Chart API for visualization.

Six Feet Up is providing ongoing support and AWS cloud managed services.


After just a few months, the app is getting a lot of positive feedback from users who find it blazing fast and easy to use. is using the live app in its presentations and is gaining traction especially with large organizations faced with culture issues, job misalignment concerns, management problems and/or ineffective teamwork.

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