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Technology Used


HCMS AppSix Feet Up used HTML5 to develop the official HCMS mobile app companion to the Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit 2012, a flagship conference organized by the Healthcare Strategy Institute. 

The free HCMS application developed by Six Feet Up was meant to be the perfect mobile companion to attendees of the 2012 Healthcare Marketing Summit. The app provides key information about talks, presenters and online discussions to mobile device users looking to make the most of  the event.

Event participants have access to dynamic session abstracts, schedule details, speaker background information, a twitter stream of posts related to the conference via the hashtag #hcms12, as well as a list of sponsors and exhibitors.

HCMS App Twitter Stream

Based on Sencha's open source HTML5 application, the HCMS mobile app can be accessed by visiting from any mobile browser. The HCMS app works great on smaller touchscreen smartphones and high-resolution touchscreen tablets. It can also be viewed in any WebKit browser, such as Apple Safari or Google Chrome.

HCMS App Session

Mobile device users can bookmark the app by clicking "add to home screen" on iPhones and iPads, and "add shortcut to home" on Android-based devices. The mobile app also works for Blackberry and Kindle Fire users.


HCMS App Speakers

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