Looking for a way to reduce the amount of time spent taking class registrations over the phone, ICE Safety Solutions asked Six Feet Up to implement a full-fledged content managed class catalog addressing both their individual and corporate customers' needs.

Implementation Details

Visitors going to ICE Safety Solutions' new website can now browse through a calendar of upcoming public community classes, register for one or more seats in a specific class, and pay online by credit card or PO number. Bigger corporate customers can create their own accounts and place online requests for custom training courses.

As their requests get reviewed and approved by ICE's staff, they automatically receive a course code for their employees to use to individually register for each class. This allows ICE and their corporate clients to track how many attendees are scheduled for each training session and quickly communicate with everybody in a class. It also allows ICE clients to define which employee is eligible to attend what class, and who actually attended a scheduled course.

The new website also includes a product catalog featuring CPR items that visitors can add to their shopping cart. The integration of Fedex online services into the company's site allows the system to connect directly to FedEx when customers place shipping orders. The new fully content-managed website was developed by Six Feet Up and is based off of open source technologies such as Zope, Plone, CMFMember, and PloneMall.

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