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Creating an Adaptive Intranet for a Finance Company


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FactSet Research Systems Inc. (FactSet) — a software and financial data company that provides investors with instant anytime, anywhere access to financial data — tapped Six Feet Up to build a Plone-based intranet that would display user-specific Human Resource (HR) information to employees and contractors.

Specifically, Six Feet Up’s plan of action required the team’s expert developers to:

  • asses both the end-user and editor workflow experience,
  • build new widgets for nesting and tiering Plone’s tagging system, and
  • automate the editing experience for new additions (office locations, countries, employees, etc.).

Implementation Details

FactSet needed a central database where employees from across the globe and company departments could easily view and access important HR documents, including payroll information and W2s. Additionally, a central database would help FactSet streamline its internal processes needed for onboarding new staff and new global offices.

Simplified Editing

To create a unique view for each employee, Six Feet Up developers worked closely with the team at FactSet to identify four primary variables that the site should filter:

  1. Department
  2. Office Location
  3. Country
  4. Editor/Manager

Specifically, to ensure the correct combination of variables aligned with each employee, Six Feet Up identified a logical workflow surrounding how the system should populate the data and what responsibilities an editor needed to maintain. Next, Six Feet Up developers completed extensive end-user testing to define and simplify the intranet’s editing process.

Scalable Processes

To accommodate FactSet’s planned global growth, it was critical for the intranet to be scalable. To automate the onboarding process for new locations and offices, Six Feet Up connected the intranet with a third-party HR service. By connecting the intranet to the HR service, information about employees and new offices was automatically available to intranet users who access the system via Single Sign On (SSO).

Custom Solutions

Additionally, Six Feet Up’s team of expert developers were able to leverage Plone’s built-in tagging to create a custom, editable widget using JavaScript and custom CSS that displays a multitiered tag. This widget allows content editors to adjust parameters for the four variables (e.g.: department, office location, country, editor/manager) without any development knowledge.



Over 10,000 employees in 48 offices across 22 countries and six continents utilize FactSet’s Plone-based intranet. The close collaboration between Six Feet Up’s team of expert developers and the in-house team at FactSet resulted in a well-thought-out intranet that:

  • simplifies the company’s HR processes and
  • provides a one-stop shop for employees to access critical employment documentation.

According to the FactSet, the ability to select an entire country’s office locations has drastically simplified and sped up their employee onboarding process. As a scalable and consistent system, the intranet will be utilized for years to come.


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