"How much will it cost?" This question is at the top of your mind when discussing a new app or a new project.

If you already have your business, technical and design requirements defined and documented, then you have done most of the work already.

If you only have a vague concept in mind, though, you will first need to refine and articulate your vision. We can help by walking you through a Requirement Development phase. This will make sure  the scope is clear and all the actors on the project are on the same page.

At some point you may decide to have an initial proof of concept developed, so as to minimize risks and validate assumptions. We can assist you with deploying a prototype.

Proven Estimation Process

Software projects are notoriously late and over budget. That's why we have developed a process for developing time and budget estimates that are accurate and reliable. We can apply this methodology to your project and help you develop a Complexity ScoreCard™ that will give you a granular view of the estimated cost and duration of each desired feature. This will allow you to prioritize feature deployment and decide how to go about the implementation.


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