Meet Pyramid

Pyramid web frameworkPyramid is a general, open source, Python web application development framework. Its primary goal is to make it easier for a Python developer to create web applications.

Pyramid powers the enterprise Knowledge Management System KARL (a George Soros project). It is used by Mozilla, SurveyMonkey, and Yelp, among others.

Pyramid attempts to follow these design and engineering principles:


Pyramid takes a “pay only for what you eat” approach. You can get results even if you have only a partial understanding of Pyramid. It doesn’t force you to use any particular technology to produce an application, and we try to keep the core set of concepts that you need to understand to a minimum.


Pyramid tries to solve only the fundamental problems of creating a web application: the mapping of URLs to code, templating, security and serving static assets. We consider these to be the core activities that are common to nearly all web applications.


Pyramid’s minimalism means that it is easier for us to maintain complete and up-to-date documentation. It is our goal that no aspect of Pyramid is undocumented.


Pyramid is designed to provide noticeably fast execution for common tasks such as templating and simple response generation. Although “hardware is cheap”, the limits of this approach become painfully evident when one finds him or herself responsible for managing a great many machines.


Pyramid is developed conservatively and tested exhaustively. Where Pyramid source code is concerned, our motto is: “If it ain’t tested, it’s broke”.


As with Python, the Pyramid software is distributed under a permissive open source license.

Why Pyramid?

In a world filled with web frameworks, why should you choose Pyramid?


Pyramid is fully compatible with Python 3. If you develop a Pyramid application today, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to use the most modern features of your favorite language. 


Untested code is broken by design. The Pyramid community has a strong testing culture and the framework reflects that. It is automatically tested using Travis and Jenkins on supported versions of Python after each commit to its GitHub repository. Official Pyramid add-ons are held to a similar testing standard.


The Pyramid documentation is comprehensive and friendly to newcomers. The Pyramid community also maintains the Pyramid Community Cookbook of recipes demonstrating common scenarios you might face.



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