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 WebUnity is a package of the best Plone add-ons that we install time and time again for our clients who want a robust and flexible multisite and subsite CMS.  It takes the hassle out of designing and building a custom site and makes it easier to update and maintain your websites. Consolidate your websites on WebUnity to easily manage them and share content across them.

Up and running in no time

WebUnity is designed so you can be up and running quickly with all the standard features that you need to create, manage, and connect multiple sites together. This saves time and money compared to customizing a CMS from scratch. Some key features of WebUnity include:

  • Microsite & subsite creation
  • Ability to syndicate content between sites
  • Ability to feature Faculty, Doctors, team members, etc.
  • A lightly customizable default theme (or replace with a  fully custom theme)
  • Slideshow/Photo Gallery creation
  • Emergency Banners
  • Calendaring system for events
  • Online Form Management and creation

No Limits

WebUnity is built on open source technologies and while it is designed to work out-of-the-box, it grows with your organization's needs. There are:

  • no user limits
  • no site number limits
  • no content limits

Connect all your subsites

Share content, themes, directories, and other assets across all your sites easily. Now you can keep sites synced and stop tediously copying and pasting.

Deploy subsites in minutes

Easily create a subsite, copy and tweak the parent theme, and assign users to the new site in minutes. You can also  use a different theme and structure the new site differently.

Built for marketing teams

Most multisite CMS solutions were built to make it easier for web development and hosting companies to manage multiple clients within one CMS installation.  WebUnity was built specifically for large organizations that own multiple websites that they need to consolidate and manage in one place.

Higher Ed Colleges & Departments

WebUnity provides a lot of great features inspired by our Higher Education clients including Spotlight, for managing faculty and staff directories, and featuring members on specific sites.

Enterprise Divisions

WebUnity was also designed for the enterprise in mind, and provides advanced features for integration with other applications, granular permissions and workflows, and enterprise search.

Large Non-Profits & Chapter Associations

The same features required for Higher Ed colleges and Enterprise departments have proven to be valuable for chapter-based organizations and non-profits.  Each chapter or group can manage their own subsite that mixes local content with content from the parent organization.

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