Lineage Multisite Management for Plone

Lineage is the ideal multisite CMS solution for the open source enterprise CMS, Plone. Designed for organizations that manage lots of websites, Lineage turns Plone into a multisite CMS that can support an entire infrastructure of parent and child sites - perfect for universities and colleges with department and center subsites.

Control All Your Sites in One Place:

1. Deploy a subsite in minutes

Don't waste time spinning up a whole new installation. Simply create a new folder and make it a subsite.

2. Style each subsite separately

Each Plone subfolder can appear as an autonomous site or use an organization-wide theme.

3. Minimize your CMS investment

Lineage is less complex and easier to manage than a cluster of separate sites but gives users all the same benefits.

How Lineage makes Plone a multisite CMS

Lineage is a Plone product that allows subfolders of a Plone site to appear as autonomous Plone sites to the everyday user. This hub and spoke structure allows site administrators to easily manage multiple, seemingly independent, sub-entity websites in one Plone.

Furthermore, the "parent" site can access and view the content in all the "child" sites while the child sites only view their own content. The parent site can also syndicate chosen content to the selected child sites.

Lineage can be used within a large organization to manage multiple microsites, such as school district sites, university departments, corporate product sites, public library satellites, professional association events, and more.

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Add Lineage to your Plone stack today

Six Feet Up offers a complete solution including:

  • Deployment of a brand new parent/child web infrastructure powered by Lineage
  • Installation and configuration of Lineage in your existing Plone site
  • Site and subsite theming
  • Installation of Resonate to amplify your content
  • On and off-site training

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Multisite CMS Management Beyond Lineage

If you'd like to manage all your sites on Plone in one place, contact us today. On the other hand, if your environment requires multiple CMS technologies and you need users to share content across sites, check out another Six Feet Up solution: PushHub.

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