1. Our Questions

  • What are my caching and proxy caching options?
  • How much of it can be made through the U.I.?
  • How easy is it to implement clusters for high-availability and load balancing?

2. Performance-Oriented Deployments

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Calvin Hendryx-Parker


Varnish is very popular

Older deployments would use Squid for caching and Pound for load balancing

Cloud deployments can take advantage of CloudFlare or services such as AWS CloudFront (but custom invalidation would be needed for full support)

Most load balancers that support sticky sessions will work. If they don’t you can install memcached to store your session data across instances.

Plone OOTB includes a caching control panel that you can activate and configure how pages and resources are cached via profiles.

Doug Vann

Doug Vann


Varnish for anonymous traffic is not in Drupal 8 core. The popular Drupal 7 Varnish module is not completely ready for Drupal 8 but Varnish Purge and Purge do the job well.

NoSQL for authenticated traffic (reddis, memcahe, casandra, mongo, couch, etc)

Big Pipe is used to achieve high performance in Drupal. 

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