1. Our Questions

  • What are the minimum hardware requirements for each CMS?
  • How much does it typically cost per month per instance for professional on-site hosting
  • How many companies have expertise and proficiency in hosting this CMS?
  • What are my "cloud" options? How hard is it to deploy and how cheap does it get?
  • What are the solution stack requirements? How is the documentation about it?

2. Hosting Requirements

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Calvin Hendryx-Parker


Plone can be run on many VM services. It runs best with 2 cores (if you are using ZEO) and 1GB of RAM (less will work, but if you have any amount of content or add-ons, you will want the full GB).

Bitnami offers cloud install and run ability that supports many of the common IaaS cloud providers.

Digital Ocean Droplets as low as $20/mo

AWS EC2 instances T2.medium as low as $37/mo

Azure VMs A2 instance as low as $65/mo

Six Feet Up offers entry level Plone hosting via containers starting at $50/mo

Typically, to deploy a Plone site into production, you would want to run it behind a web proxy such as Apache or Nginx.  If you are running a Plone cluster with more than one Zope instances, you will need a load balancer such as HAProxy. You can also load balance with Nginx, Apache or Varnish. Varnish has the added benefit of being a great cache accelerator for your site.

Doug Vann

Doug Vann


Resources needed to run a minimal or large production Drupal site:

  • DISK SPACE: A minimum installation requires 15 Megabytes. 60 MB is needed for a website with many contributed modules and themes installed. Keep in mind you need much more for the database, files uploaded by the users, media, backups and other files.
  • WEB SERVER: Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS or any other web server with proper PHP support.
  • DATABASE: MySQL 5.5.3/MariaDB 5.5.20/Percona Server 5.5.8 or higher with PDO and an InnoDB-compatible primary storage engine, PostgreSQL 9.1.2 or higher with PDO, SQLite 3.7.11 or higher. Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle are supported by additional modules.
  • PHP: 5.5.9 or higher

Drupal hosting options:

  1. Pantheon.io

    1. Spinning up a free sandbox Pantheon instance gives you:

      1. Dev, Test, & live environments

      2. Full subscription to New Relic (including Drupal's specific metrics)

      3. Automated backups including an offsite storage option

      4. Amazing dashboard for monitoring each environments Drupal site, clearing cache, checking security, swapping files or code or DB

      5. A Git repo sourced on Pantheon

        1. OR use your GitHub or Bitbucket or a number of other git providers.

      6. Terminus

        1. A Pantheon specific API/Library for building your own automation scripts

    2. Metal boxes in Rackspace datacenter in Chicago PHP FPM, NGINX, APC, FEDORA,REDDIS, “STYX” load balancer “edge layer”

    3. Pay for hit-count / Storage

      1. Sandbox accounts are FREE and include most of the features of paid account with the main exception being that you cannot point a domain to it until you pay. As a result, many build on Pantheon and deploy elsewhere. It happens ALL the time as clearly indicated in the volume of Sandbox sites that spin up, have lots of activity and are closed months later.

      2. $25/mo 10K hits 5G storage see https://pantheon.io/pricing

    4. Valhalla File System

      1. As engineering continues to build out the Pantheon stack, NFS became the slowest element in the stack. CEO David Strauss took over an abandoned sourceforge project “FuseDav” and launched it as Valhalla FS, which shards binaries of files (images, audio, video, non-code, etc) across three AMZ instances.

    5. At higher price plans, additional containers are spun up quickly to handle traffic spikes, then later kill those containers when things calm down.

  2. Acquia.com

    1. Dedicated hardware

    2. Runs on AWS cloud (who is a current investor for, reportedly, 50m)

    3. Did your super-dee-duper rich uncle die and leave it all to you?

  3. Platform.sh

    1. Composer based

    2. $50/mo min for production

  4. Amazee.io


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