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When Should You Hire an Expert Consulting Team?

When Should You Hire an Expert Consulting Team?

Six Feet Up CEO and co-founder, Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, discusses the importance of evaluating a development team’s skills and knowing when it’s time to ask for expert help in a recent VMBlog.com article, “Yes, In-House Teams Do Need to Call In the Cavalry From Time to Time.”

In an era of “do more with less,” many companies are calling on their in-house development teams to solve complex problems. However, to avoid teams from “getting stuck,” the leadership must be willing to assess their internal team's skills, identify the company's priorities and budget for the projects that require additional expertise. 

"Building the right team — that uses the right technologies — will allow you to deliver top-notch projects every time,” writes Gabrielle. 

In the piece, Gabrielle highlights questions that many internal development teams must ask themselves before embarking on a new project: 

  • Does the internal team have the experience needed to complete the project? In other words, if you’re working on an advanced problem that involves AI/ML, Big Data and cloud migrations, does your internal team have experience working with these technologies? 
  • Does the internal team have sufficient capacity to take on the project? If your internal team is stretched thin, adding additional tasks could lead to developer burnout.
  • Is there more than one person on the internal team who can work on the project? If only one team member has the skills needed to complete the project, there is little opportunity for collaboration and brainstorming. Plus, when working in a team environment, developers are less likely to fall behind on documentation. 

“Regrettably, companies often lose months, burn cash and part with personnel before finally concluding that they need help,” explains Gabrielle. “Often, optimizing the workload means taking a hybrid approach — where the internal team works side-by-side with the consulting team to learn cutting edge technologies and collaboratively solve problems faster.” Read the full VMBlog article here

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