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What’s Driving Python’s Massive Popularity?

November 15, 2021

Six Feet Up CTO and co-founder, Calvin Hendryx-Parker, sat down with Alex Woodie, the managing editor of Datanami, to discuss Python and the language’s new-found popularity. In October, Python topped the TIOBE Index as the world’s most used coding language. This is the first time in 20 years that a language named C or Java wasn’t at the top of the list, writes Woodie.

In the article, What’s Driving Python’s Massive Popularity?, Calvin shares his love of Python, the open source community and why he’s been using Python for nearly 20 years.

“I chose Python because it was a language that was fun to code in,” says Calvin. “I enjoy it because it’s not doing just grunt work. It’s all very innovative and creative. It’s more of a craftsman-style skill. Engineers build the same thing day in day out, but craftsman have to solve problems in creative ways because the environment around them is constantly moving.”

Plus, thanks to the flexibility of Python and the enthusiastic user community, one can also write perfectly manicured, top-shelf code that will be an absolute pleasure for your friendly DevOps engineer to handle.

“Python does let you hammer something out really quickly,” Calvin says. “But it also lends itself to easily converting them into a well-shaped software project with all the nice bells and whistles when it comes to unit testing and be able to deploy with CI/CD — all the kind of modern trimmings that come around it.”

Today, Six Feet Up’s team of expert developers use Python to implement custom, cutting-edge solutions for Fortune 100 and 500 companies in various sectors including education, life sciences, transportation, fintech and government. Many of these projects involve building data solutions using Python.

The future for Python is bright, writes Woodie. It’s at or near the top of everybody’s list of skills for both data science and data engineering.

Explore Six Feet Up’s Python case studies, and join fellow Pythonistas at IndyPy — a Meetup group founded by Calvin for the Indianapolis-area community to network and discuss all things Python. The group has grown to nearly 2,500 members and now serves the Python community at large by live-streaming the Meetups for members around the globe. In May 2022, IndyPy will celebrate 15 years of success.

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