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UVa Health System Improves Online Presence

UVa Health System Improves Online Presence

Six Feet Up is pleased to announce the release of the University of Virginia Health System's new and improved Doctor and Location Search functionalities. The purpose of this round of work was to address recent user feedback about ease-of-use of the site's search features, and make it easier for patients to find primary care doctors and locations online. Six Feet Up improved the usability of the Doctor and Location Search features via significant changes in the way the searches retrieve and display search results on the Plone site.

Users had complained that searching for "smith" didn't always bring back a "Dr. Smith" first, as other data in the rest of the database influenced the calculation of the search relevancy. As a result, the development team altered the search mechanism so as to only look up doctors by last names or specialties. The location search was also simplified in order to only search location name/nickname, city, state and/or zip code fields.

Additionally, the Six Feet Up team added a new section of the site allowing site visitors to look for "only Primary Care doctors and locations" by last name, specialty, and location. Primary care doctors include those working in/as Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatricians, Geriatricians, OB/GYNs.

Lastly, Six Feet Up narrowed down the advanced search page so that users can use the advanced search feature to search more specifically by title, description, and/or defined categories.

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