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Three Reasons Python Is The AI Lingua Franca: Six Feet Up CTO Explains in Datanami

May 31, 2021

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, discusses Python’s unique market share in a Datanami article, “Three Reasons Python Is The AI Lingua Franca.” In the article, Calvin outlines why Python should be the most important tool for developers integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Specifically, Calvin highlights Python’s:

Calvin also talks about Python’s reputation for being the best language for AI and ML.

“As AI and ML drive more demand for data-centric software development, more developers will be needed in the trade to meet that demand,” writes Calvin. “No matter what language they’ve used before, no matter their level of expertise as a programmer, Python is accessible to them. Python is both a language itself and a bridge between languages.”

Six Feet Up’s team of expert developers use Python to implement custom, cutting-edge solutions for a diverse array of clients, including those in the education, life sciences, transportation, fintech and government sectors. Explore Six Feet Up’s Python case studies, and sign up for our newsletters to get tech tips in your inbox.

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