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Six Feet Up to Assist the Institute for Women's Policy Research

August 30, 2012

The Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR) , a non-profit focused on women-centered, policy-oriented research, has asked Six Feet Up for help with performing several enhancements to their Plone website.

First, Six Feet Up will be updating the styling on IWPR's homepage to increase legibility of the content. The organization of the page will also be changed to bring more attention to critical content that is currently below the fold. Finally, some navigation elements will be updated to facilitate browsing around the site. This round of changes is scheduled to be launched this Fall.

IWPR, which helps college students with children as part of their efforts, is also interested in including new search features to facilitate browsing for available support programs, such as family counseling, child care, and other special services.

As a result, Six Feet Up will also conduct a Discovery & Analysis project to investigate the roll-out of a new search function aimed at facilitating access to support programs. In addition, Six Feet Up will look into the setup of a program submission form accessible to support program managers from other college universities and educational institutions across the USA to allow them to submit programs for inclusion in the search collection.

As part of the Discovery phase, Six Feet Up will assist the non-profit with the development of business and technical requirements. This involves creating a series of dynamic wireframes, providing technical recommendations, and developing detailed budget and time estimates for the project.

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