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Six Feet Up Rolls Out KARL 3 Upgrade

October 25, 2011

Six Feet Up is pleased to announce its Hosting Department has deployed the version 3 of the Knowledge Management System KARL for its KARL customers and the company's own intranet. This new release includes many system updates, as well as some new and improved features, such as:

Improved Search Relevance
The main change introduced in KARL 3 is that the entire search infrastructure is now powered by a relational database, which results in faster performances, the ability to more finely tune search relevancy and offer more ways to filter results. This backend change also brings contextualized search results: results are now displayed with excerpts of where search terms appear in the text to help users gauge the usefulness of each result before clicking on each item.

Filtered ‘Live’ Search
The ‘Live’ Search feature offers results as users type their query in the search box. In KARL 3, users can now filter 'Live' search results by specific content type (People, Blog, Wiki, File, etc.) or search all content.

Expanded Advanced Search
The 'Advanced' search results page in KARL 3 now offers more ways to filter large amounts of results and more information about each search result. Users can sort results by content type, time frame, author and even tag. Each result also comes with additional context such as content type, when the item was uploaded or edited and who authored the content.

Wiki Index
In previous versions of KARL, users had to maintain a list of links to all the pages inside of a community's wiki page. KARL 3 now provides an "Index" to quickly see all the pages inside the wiki, thus greatly improving content organization.

Wiki Versioning
KARL 3 now offers a history of each wiki page, providing access to all and any changes that have ever been made to the page, and making it possible to revert to a previous version.

File History
The power of versioning has been added to the file repository section of KARL, making it even easier for community members to collaborate.

Multiple File Upload
KARL 3 now offers the capability to upload multiple files to a community at once and organize them in a much faster manner. This will be especially useful to users looking to share a large number of documents.

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