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Six Feet Up  to be Showcased at Healthcare Internet Conference

Six Feet Up to be Showcased at Healthcare Internet Conference

The Healthcare Internet Conference, sponsored by Greystone.net

in Las Vegas Nov 12-14 is a critical event for those who use the web in healthcare.  With the rise of electronic medical records, collaboration, and other tools facilitated by the internet - the future of healthcare relies more and more heavily upon the Web, technology, and connectivity.

HCIC Focuses on sharing leading solutions for healthcare. This event features case studies, networking and interesting speakers. You get access to vendor solutions that help make your strategies work.

Six Feet Up will be returning to HCIC this year after a great experience at last year's event. In addition to occupying booth #75 in the vendors area, Six Feet Up will also be providing a mobile survey app for the conference to let attendees rate sessions while their opinions are still fresh in their minds.

"This year HCIC Open Source workshop is an excellent opportunity to come and understand the ins and outs of this growing revolution," said Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up's CTO. "There are a lot of misconceptions about Open Source that we will cover and also how it compares to commercial and homegrown solutions."

Following the conference, Calvin will present as part of a workshop on open source - "Buy or Build? Maybe Both?  The Path to Successful Implementation."

This workshop will also feature presenters from Duke Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, St. Louis Children's Hospital, and CentreTEK.

Six Feet Up invites all attendees to visit our booth, attend this workshop, and get the most possible out of this outstanding conference.

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