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Six Feet Up To Attend Annual Plone Conference 2010

Six members of the Six Feet Up team will attend the Plone Conference 2010 in Bristol, UK.  CEO Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker will lead the group as they participate in training, experience the Open Space and attend talks.   She will attend the talks surrounding the business aspects of Plone, including how a global firm like Deloitte has used Plone for the Content Management.  Other business-related presentations will focus on case studies and how the concept of open source collaboration has an impact on businesses outside of the IT sphere. 

Senior Systems Administrator Andrew Parker plans to attend talks that focus on how to keep Plone running smoothly after deployment. 

CTO Calvin Hendryx-Parker and  Senior Developers Clayton Parker and Andrew Sawyers will focus on what is new in the development community.  Calvin and Clayton will stay for the last two days of the conference and participate in the sprints.  

This Plone Conference is the largest of the year, allowing the Sixies to connect with many of the people whom they only know virtually.  It also provides an opportunity to understand and help steer the direction of Plone for the coming year.

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