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Six Feet Up Moves to Tech Hub, Launch Fishers

March 14, 2014

Established company sees benefits of joining coworking community.

Enterprise web development company Six Feet Up recently made the decision to forgo its private offices in Fortville, IN to make a coworking facility, Launch Fishers, its new headquarters. “We really believe in the opportunity Fishers has as a Tech Hub and have been impressed by the city’s plans and Launch Fishers” said Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, CEO of Six Feet Up. The move was prompted from discussions with Town of Fishers officials about the direction the city is headed in. "Fishers is committed to growing jobs in our community through our partnership with Launch Fishers and our support of great entrepreneurs and their companies" said Scott Fadness, Town Manager, Town of Fishers.

The company considered several private offices in the area, but Launch Fishers kept popping up as a fun, flexible, and central location for the team. “If we were going to move, we didn’t want to be isolated. We wanted to benefit from being actively engaged in the tech community and didn’t need to be near our clients” said Calvin Hendryx-Parker, CTO of Six Feet Up. The company recently launched two products and provides web content management solutions to enterprises, higher education institutions, healthcare systems and large non-profits. “The addition of Six Feet Up to the Fishers landscape boosts our entrepreneurial ecosystem and moves us one step closer to becoming a destination for innovators in search of a community to call home" said John Wechsler, Founder of Launch Fishers.

Six Feet Up Desks at Launch Fishers

Earlier this year Six Feet Up decided to try out the semi-private desk room in Launch Fishers and see what the team thought. The company was already used to a communal room for everyone's desk and private rooms for meetings. "The main difference is we share our desk room with other companies." said Gabrielle. “The space fits well with our culture of flexible and remote work. Anyone who would like to come in has a spot to work, and when lots of people stay home there are still plenty of people to talk to.” Approximately one third of Six Feet Up’s staff lives and works from outside of Indiana and all employees can decide when and where to work to fit their lifestyle while meeting deadlines.

Six Feet Up is already enjoying being in the same space as hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies. "It makes it much easier to discuss ideas and gain perspectives from other members of the tech community,


whereas before we would have to travel 15-30 minutes to meet people" said Calvin. “We also hope to see this as a way to recruit more local talent.” The company is enjoying impromptu group lunches and events at Launch Fishers, including Code & Coffee, Tech Makers, Member Meetups, and Demo Days.

Co-working spaces like Launch Fishers are here to stay, especially in the Indiana community. As the trend of relatively inexpensive office space for entrepreneurs and startup companies continues to rise, the added benefit of working with other like-minded entrepreneurs becomes more apparent. With resources like dedicated workspace, private meeting rooms and high-speed Wi Fi, Launch Fishers fosters a collaborative, cost-effective and inspiring environment for members to grow and succeed.

Six Feet Up made Launch Fishers the official headquarters of the company at the beginning of March 2014.

About Six Feet Up

Founded in 1999, Six Feet Up is a woman-owned company that develops, hosts and supports sophisticated web projects, from enterprise content management and collaborative intranets to custom web apps. The company has also recently developed several products that solve content management and syndication issues for organizations that manage large networks of websites. Six Feet Up's clients include top universities and life sciences organizations, growing and distributed teams, as well as Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about Six Feet Up visit

About Launch Fishers

Founded in 2012, Launch Fishers is a 16,000 square-foot co-working space for entrepreneurs working on startup, high-growth and high-potential enterprises. Launch Fishers currently has over 300 members and is home to a diverse list of companies, like mobile application development, media strategy, graphic design, non profits, website design and many other companies. Over the past 18 months, Launch Fishers has also sponsored popular events, including TechPoint Entrepreneur Bootcamp, Verge Startups and Venture Club of Indiana. To learn more about Launch Fishers visit

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