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Six Feet Up Migrates its Daylite Database to SugarCRM

Six Feet Up Migrates its Daylite Database to SugarCRM

After relying on Daylite for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs for nearly 7 years, Six Feet Up is moving to the open-source, web-based platform SugarCRM.

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The company states its salesforce has grown to the point where missing functionalities and the lack of updates in Daylite are now unacceptable. More recently, stability issues in the software really precipitated the move to a better CRM.

"SugarCRM will be 75% cheaper than Salesforce"

As a result, Six Feet Up evaluated Daylite 4, Salesforce and SugarCRM, looking closely at feature matrices, and price comparisons. While Salesforce emerged as the clear market leader, Six Feet Up's CTO Calvin Hendryx-Parker chose SugarCRM for the flexibility of its add-on modules, its cross-platform compatibility, and its better value. "SugarCRM will be 75% cheaper than Salesforce for Six Feet Up, yet I expect it to be as reliable as its proprietary competitor," explains Hendryx-Parker, who also cites SugarCRM's reporting capabilities as an attractive reason for switching. Hendryx-Parker shared 5 migration tips for moving to SugarCRM in a later blog post.

SugarCRM, which was founded in Cupertino, CA in 2004, now boasts more than 250 employees worldwide. Today, Six Feet Up joins a long list of organizations leveraging SugarCRM, such as: Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, and Avis.

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