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Six Feet Up a Partner in Standing Cloud Network

March 29, 2011

Since most web applications do not stand alone, the idea behind Standing Cloud is to create a network around an application that helps end users find specialists to help them solve business problems. As a leading provider of development services for the Plone Content Management System, Six Feet Up is perfectly positioned for the Standing Cloud Partner Program. The Partner Program is aimed at application specialist Solution Providers and is designed to help end users find solution providers. Six Feet Up joins the ranks of Amazon Web Services, Slicehost, Rackspace Cloud and many other top hosting sources in the Standing Cloud partner network.

The Standing Cloud Application Network brings together end users, applications and their plug- ins, cloud infrastructure providers, and the service providers who customize, support and deploy online applications. The idea is to bring the popular idea of the "app store" into the hosting arena in a way suited to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

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