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<< All NewsSix Feet Up Helps Manage Big Data from NASA Space Probe

Six Feet Up Helps Manage Big Data from NASA Space Probe

January 16, 2015

Six Feet Up recently helped migrate scientific data sent from a NASA space probe to a new Plone-powered intranet.

The new system presents very large data sets in a new and modern look and feel that strives to pack a lot of information in a legible way, all the while minimizing the need to scroll horizontally. Six Feet Up also facilitated data lookup by enabling the cross-linking of information between tables, making it easier to drill down to specific content.

In addition, the new site provides scientists with new robust tools to help make sense of the data, such as the ability to create custom plotting charts. Intranet members can narrow down the results shown by specifying start/end dates and times using various time formats. Ad-hoc plotting charts can also be easily added and edited. Lastly, our team was able to give the scientists a newfound ability to export the data as a PNG file.

This was a very exciting project and we feel honored to have had a chance to contribute to the human space odyssey!

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