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Six Feet Up Engages Open Source Community in 50th Plone Tune-Up

Plone Tune Up

As a leading Plone development and hosting service provider, Six Feet Up is pleased to announce its 50th Plone Tune-Up event was a success.

Plone is a powerful and flexible, enterprise-quality, open source content management system (CMS) that lets non-technical people create and maintain website content using only a web browser. It is one of the top 2% open source projects.

Launched in 2008, Plone Tune-Ups are regular online events that give developers, testers, documentation specialists and marketers worldwide the opportunity to improve and advance Plone. As an open source system, the CMS relies on developers of all interests and skill levels to participate so that Plone can continue to be a leader in open source Content Management Systems.

Carol Ganz, Director of Business Development at Six Feet Up and Vice President of the Plone Foundation, is the active coordinator behind the Plone Tune Ups. "This latest Tune-Up shows why Open Source is so efficient. By putting the code that runs Plone out there for the world, we enable programmers to drop in and quickly make improvements in our software, fix bugs, and deal with issues without the overhead of many layers of corporate structure getting in the way," said Ganz. "Open Source allows innovation on the individual level and permits the developer to choose how big a piece to tear off and work on.  In the case of the Tune-Ups, we have issues suitable for beginners - and others need folks with serious experience with our codebase.  People choose what is appropriate for them, and we have folks available to help them out at every step in the process. Open source, combined with an open community, is self-perpetuating.  It's a model that works, and has worked for Plone for over a decade."

Six Feet Up has been leading Plone Tune-Ups since 2008, closing over 400 tickets to date. The 50th Tune-Up included 30 participants from seven countries and led to the resolution of 20+ issues. In addition, the event provided major strides in moving source code from Subversion to GitHub.

A one-of-a-kind special edition 50th Plone Tune-Up t-shirt, created by designer Trish Ang, will be presented to the following event participants for their hard work and dedication: Rok Garbas, Nejc Zupan, Jure Cerjak, David Glick, Jean Jordan, Domen Kožar, Fulvio Casali, Steve McMahon, Vincent Fretin, Chrissy Wainwright, Andrew Mleczko, Johannes Raggam, Roché Compaan, Eric Steele and Carol Ganz.

The 51st Plone Tune-Up will be held on Friday, December 16th, 2011 from 9am-6pm in participants' local time zones. Six Feet Up encourages people interested in participating in this event to visit plone.org.

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