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<< All NewsSix Feet Up Builds a Data Analysis and Visualization Tool

Six Feet Up Builds a Data Analysis and Visualization Tool

January 21, 2021

Six Feet Up worked with a national biomedical diagnostic systems provider to help them give their users, lab researchers, finer control over the data captured by their lab hardware.

The two teams worked closely together to create easy-to-use Python Jupyter Notebooks that researchers can use to analyze and visualize the data dynamically. A big part of the work included creating a new API allowing users to have access to the data collected without having to learn SQL or rely on a GUI. The notebooks make use of Pandas, a Python data analysis library, and Altair, a declarative data visualization tool.

This experimental project was rolled into the client's existing products, providing researchers with additional tools to use as they work to combat ongoing and future health crises.

For more details, read the case study.

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