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<< All NewsSix Feet Up Assists eBay in QA Effort via Immersive Training

Six Feet Up Assists eBay in QA Effort via Immersive Training

July 23, 2012

The QA Team at Six Feet Up will be attending the Rapid Testing Intensive (RTI) event, which is designed to be an immersive learning opportunity for testers and test managers from around the world. Focusing on Rapid Software Testing methodology, the team will be testing eBay -- one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

"This is very much in line with our own QA processes and we look forward to learning advanced techniques that rely on paired testing, note-taking and video tools for recording tests", explained Christine Shaw, Six Feet Up Lead Quality Assurance Analyst.

The training is lead by James Bach of Satisfice, Inc., and Jon Bach -- eBay’s Director of Live Site Quality. They will be working with eBay’s Product Development (PD) team, Program Management (PM) team, and Quality Engineering (QE) teams to see what problems are found using Rapid Testing Methodology during this event.

Jon will serve as Test Manager for the duration of the RTI, observing techniques that were used to find bugs, commenting on bugs and issues, and coaching testers to maximize their value to the project. Assignments will be given during the RTI that focus on providing testing value to a real client. eBay is eager to see the final report and RTI proceedings, but will also be involved day-to-day to see what kinds of problems have been discovered.

Additional training support will be provided by Karen N. Johnson, co-author of Beautiful Testing by O’Reilly publishers, and Robert Sabourin, creator of Just-In-Time testing methodology and a leading thinker in the Context-Driven testing school.

Rapid testing is a skill-based and context-driven testing methodology in which testers apply ingenuity, tools, and lightweight heuristics to test complex products. It's a methodology that grew out of the culture of innovation in Silicon Valley.

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