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<< All NewsDay 5: PWC 2022 Ends with Call to Serve Humanity

Day 5: PWC 2022 Ends with Call to Serve Humanity

March 25, 2022

The final day of the 2022 Python Web Conference, organized by Six Feet Up, closed with a rousing call to action.

“Let’s take our best gifts and serve them to humanity,” Noel Musicha told attendees in the afternoon keynote. “I believe that so many of the beautiful things that will be created in our world will be created by men and women like you.”

Noel is the founder and cultural architect behind the Chisomo Idea movement and has curated a concept called The Flower, a life economics leadership pipeline, that helps youth and homeless individuals elevate themselves into self and community leadership. Born in Malawi, Africa, Noel was a professional soccer player and college graduate living in San Diego when he and his wife decided to move to one of the poorest communities in the city to make a difference in the lives of children living there.

Noel discussed the path that led him to what he does now, the important lessons he has taken from it, and how he hopes those lessons can inspire others. "Evil men and women do not ask anybody for permission to create terrible futures for humanity," said Noel. "I want us to be good, but not passive, people."

Highlights from the fifth day:

Data pipeline modernization at scale

Nate Dotzlaf, Executive Director of the Enterprise Analytics Group at Indiana University of Health (IU Health), is charged with managing and aggregating petabytes of data which helps drive life-changing health and business decisions. With the help of Six Feet Up, IU Health went from using proprietary tools that were hard to maintain and nearly impossible to scale to implementing a new world of cloud native and open source tooling, including Airflow, Spark, Delta Lakes ( and Terraform.

“We’re starting to see an explosion in the amount of data we’re bringing in and the number of sources from which we’re being asked to pull data,” Nate said.

Nate and Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and AWS Community Hero, shared the case study and showcased how updating the infrastructure simplified workflow processes; enabled IU Health to import existing and new data sources quickly, efficiently and at scale; kept costs down in relation to the number and volume of data sources; and optimized the process for hiring and onboarding new developers.

The importance of communication

M. Scott Ford, “chief code whisperer” and CTO at CorgiBytes, stressed the importance of communication during his morning keynote. As a polyglot — someone who can work in numerous programming languages — Scott said one of the most important things attendees can do is learn the spoken language of their team members.

Scott goes on to discuss the impact communication can have on a codebase, as well as how communication shapes systems within an organization.

These and other interesting talks marked the end of the 2022 Python Web Conference. The fourth iteration of the event brought a record 90 speakers and 375 attendees from 40 countries and 21 timezones. Read the recap articles about Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4, and check out the #PWC2022 group photo below.

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