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Penn State Huck Institutes Signs Development Project with Six Feet Up

Penn State Huck Institutes Signs Development Project with Six Feet Up

The Penn State Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences is dedicated to life sciences research, scientific degree programs and professional training, as well as encouraging new perspectives across disciplinary boundaries. Its online presence is made up of various disparate web sections spanning 11 research units, 12 graduate programs, and 8 instrumentation facilities.

Faced with the challenge of a disparate web presence and moved by the desire to drive visitors to their Education section, the Huck Institutes has decided to follow the success that other Penn State departments have had with their redesign projects, and embark on an overhaul of their own web presence.

Following an initial Discovery and Analysis phase performed by Six Feet Up and Abstract Edge, a boutique digital consulting firm based in Baltimore, the Huck Institutes has signed off on a design and development project to implement a new integrated and consistent online branding for their website.

The first phase will be dedicated to the design of about a dozen templates. Then Six Feet Up will proceed with the development of the website leveraging the open source CMS Plone. The new Huck Institutes website is scheduled to launch by the end of the year.

Thanks for filling out the form! A Six Feet Up representative will be in contact with you soon.

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