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NPower Northwest Outsources its Hosting Services to Six Feet Up

NPower Northwest Outsources its Hosting Services to Six Feet Up

NPower Northwest is a nonprofit delivering technology consulting and training to thousands of staff and volunteers in Washington and Oregon.

After being Npower Northwest's hosting partner for 5 years, Six Feet Up is pleased to announce it has been chosen to be the new direct hosting vendor for all of the non-profit's Plone Website clients.

The move affects about 40 non-profit organizations who are now directly supported by Six Feet Up for all their hosting needs. The change of partner comes with new benefits to NPower's clients, such as increased support availability and advanced monitoring options.

Among the reasons for the change in strategy, Npower Northwest cites the increasing complexity of maintaining a hosting infrastructure, and explains that, due to greater economies of scale, Six Feet Up will be able to better meet their clients' hosting needs.

As the official host for plone.org., Six Feet Up is largely regarded as the experts in Plone website hosting. "The universe of hosting providers with deep expertise in the underlying technology that drives a Plone website is relatively small-and Six Feet Up has some of the most experienced people in the field on their staff", explains David Forrester, Director of Client Engagement at NPower Northwest.

Six Feet Up is extending a warm welcome to Npower's clients and pledges to deliver a first-class hosting experience to each one of its new non-profit clients.

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