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NGINX Sprint 2020 Powered by LoudSwarm

September 17, 2020

The NGINX 2020 Sprint was held on September 15th through the 17th, 2020 on Six Feet Up's new virtual event platform LoudSwarm. Several Sixies were in attendance including CTO Calvin Hendryx-Parker. Calvin also participated as a judge of the "NGINX For Good" Hackathon on day 3.

NGNIX, Inc. is the company that maintains the paid version of the popular open-source web server, NGINX, as well as several other products. Together with Tech Field Day, they put together the NGINX Sprint to bring together users and developers of NGNIX technologies.

The organizers of the event wanted to ensure that people from all over the world could participate and get the most out of the talks, panels, and demos that took place. They chose LoudSwarm to host their event to make use of its seamless integration of Zoom calls, pre-recorded videos, and Slack chat. The event was a rousing success with over 800 people participating in 7 talks, 7 demos, and one hackathon.

On day 3 of the event the "NGINX For Good" Hackathon took place. This event offered attendees an opportunity to build a website or application to solve a problem in their local community or globally. Calvin Hendryx-Parker was one of the judges of the events, which was organized as a friendly competition.

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